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"The Secret Room"

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Full length movie 68 minutes playing time
Featuring newcomer Lillian and Scarlett

Scarlett has finally moved out of home. Her step mother has rented her an apartment and insists she stand on her own two feet. But when she moves in she just cannot cope because she has always had everything done for her.

Scarlett has no interest in even cleaning up after herself so she calls a cleaning service. The next morning Lillian arrives and Scarlett explains she just cannot cope and to get to work. She mentions there is a locked room she cannot get into so just leave it.

While tidying up the kitchen Lillian finds a set of keys and tries them on the locked door. It immediately opens and she walks in to discover a full size, fitted out nursery but with everything grown up sized. A big cot, high chair, clothes and especially a large selection of diapers.

Hmmm, she has heard about adult babies and figures her client would be the perfect candidate. She hatches a plan to regress her to babyhood and become her step mommy and so have permanent full time job. She figures she would even enjoy loving and caring for a helpless little person.

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